Mars V61 Theme

Mars V61 Theme

The surface of the Red Planet on your Pocket PC


  • Breathtaking Martian landscape


  • Nothing innovative


Let's face it, we'll probably never get to set foot on Mars in our lifetimes. In fact, the closest you'll get to it might be to install the Mars V61 Theme on your Windows Mobile device.

The Mars V61 Theme will transform your Today screen, applying a striking image of the surface of Mars as your desktop background. Above the horizon of the Red Planet you can see the Sun, then above that, the blackness of Space.

The theme also changes the menu bar colors, applying a sandy brown shade to the top and bottom bars.

Though it's not exactly out-of-this-world in terms of its innovation, the Mars V61 Theme sure makes for an eerie spectacle.

Mars V61 Theme


Mars V61 Theme

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